Why Musicians Are Holding Back Their Music Despite the Ease of Writing Songs

Based on the Podcast Episode: “Why Musicians Are Holding Back Their Music Despite the Ease of Writing Songs with Kwun” – Episode 30, The Magic of Songwriting with Francesca de Valence

Some songwriters are able to bring songs into the world with a sense of ease and magic. But when it comes to the release process, as artists, they can feel a lot of resistance around this work and can really get in their own way.

In this club conversation with UK singer songwriter and producer, Kwun, we talk about the magic of channeling music, sound frequency and light language, and recording music in 432 Hz, juxtaposed with the big blocks that come up for artists when it comes to releasing and promoting music.


Kwun’s songwriting process

Songwriting is magic. It’s extracting stuff from the ether and bringing it down. It’s all up there, someone just has the access to bring that through. Julia Cameron refers to it as ‘eaves-dropping’ in The Artist’s Way.

When I’m tired, the volume of the music I hear in the ether is turned up for me. And I just translate what’s there or follow what’s there. I record it as I’m following it. And I find I write things that I wouldn’t normally write.

Some of the magical tools Kwun uses to create

Being in Vortices

Where I’m living now in Tulum, Mexico and where I previously lived in Glastonbury, UK, are both high energy places. People can be affected by this high vibrational energy – both positively and negatively –  and they can use this energy to bring in something or channel something unique. Being in high energy places and vortices helps me access light language.

Light Language

Light language is a way to bring through high vibrational frequencies that have the ability to heal and this is done through various artforms – music, dance, drawing, and even signing.

Everything has a frequency and light language is one way of bringing through a frequency. You can liken it to Reiki where you put hands on someone to transmit energy. But in this instance, we’re bringing it through by a different means.

Light language features on my single, called “Happiness, Part 2”. What you can hear is spontaneous expression. I pressed the record button and brought through a rap with light language. I’d never done that before.

Frequency has a certain feeling when it comes through. You could mimic it, but it probably won’t have the same feeling as at the time it was brought in. And I could bring through the same frequencies again, but it would be a completely different outcome.

When I’m speaking light language, sometimes just to get it going and to get connected I just start doing the syllables and going through the motion of doing it and at some point it will connect in. Some of the time, it’s just a load of syllables or a load of gibberish. But if there’s no intention behind it, then it doesn’t do anything.

Recording in 432 Hz

Standard tuning is 440 Hz but I use 432 Hz tuning as a tool in my songs. I ask my session musicians to tune down to 432 Hz.

432 Hz frequency is the frequency that harmonises with nature, including ourselves. And because we’re always in a state of vibration, with 432 Hz we come into a state of coherence. Meaning that it falls more comfortably on the body and can create a greater sense of harmony. But, of course, that also depends on the instrument and the words, and the song. So the tuning is just a tool to use.

When songs can be written with such ease and magic, why is there such a resistance in the release process?

My album didn’t take long to write. But releasing it is learning a completely different skill set and a different disciple. And I didn’t realise how resistant I was to these things.

It has taken time to find a way to feel comfortable and a way in which would reach the kind of audience I wanted to reach. Over the course of time, I’ve built up a team with the help of Level Up Club.

My biggest block to getting my music out there was perfection and I didn’t have a skill set around this – I didn’t know how to do this. I also wanted to reach as many people as I can, but how could I let go and not have any attachment to the outcome, but still have a goal?

I really wanted to learn how I could do the best by the music that I made. I have an expansive vision for my music, and also my ideas. I took that approach for the promotion of this too. I love playing big and expansive, when I’m not scared to do so.

The biggest things I’ve learnt from releasing music

Something that I’ve learnt is that you just need to get over yourself. Sometimes you can push and force too hard, and then there’s no magic, or it will take longer, until it moves back into balance.

I’ve also noticed that the things that trigger me in doing this work are the same issues that would trigger me if i was not doing it this way. This is just a way of doing life and in some areas I’ve got a bit better, some things have got a bit easier. And I’ve learned about myself and how I work.

Music is just a vehicle for my learning. It’s the only thing I’ve consistently wanted to do. So If I’ve got to learn this stuff, I might as well learn it through something that I want to do.  It’s the area with the most learning opportunity and also the greatest challenge.

If you can relate to any of these themes, our hope is that you can benefit from the shared wisdom of this conversation. And if you want our guidance and support around releasing your music, check out Level Up Club.

Timestamps for podcast audio:

4:08 – How high energy places in the world can affect people and be channeled to create something unique

14:55 – The elements of magic in Kwun’s creativity

24:07 – We share our experiences with Light language

38:49 – Tuning in 432Hz

46.26 – The ease of creating vs the resistance to release music

1:01:32 – Kwun introduces his song “Ancient Ageless & True” and performs it live on the podcast. We also talk about his upcoming album.

About Kwun:

Kwun is an multi award-winning singer-songwriter and producer from the UK at the cutting edge of a movement of conscious artists leading the way into a New Paradigm. His eclectic repertoire skilfully moves between themes of the personal and universal, weaving a rich tapestry of styles that include Rock, Americana, Funk and all the spaces in between. Kwun’s music is recorded in 432Hz tuning (not the standardised 440Hz), the frequency that resonates and harmonises with nature and the human body. Contact Kwun: Website / Facebook / Instagram 

Song Credit: “Ancient, Ageless & True” – Written by Kwun Pang. Performed live by Kwun.

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