Youth Songwriting Course

Write 10 songs in 10 weeks in just 2 hours a week

Improve creative skills, explore what’s possible and be guided by a mentor every step of the way 

Picture coming home from school, running into your room and one hour later emerging with a brand new song. And while you’re at school the next day, your songwriting mentor is giving you feedback on your song…

This exciting opportunity for all kids aged 10-17 yo will not only help them improve their creative skills and explore what’s possible, but they will be guided with their own professional songwriting mentor every step of the way so that they are constantly supported to write 10 songs in the 10 week course.

If they read music, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s fine. We will show them everything they need each week.

The total time commitment is approximately 2 hours per week and is not time specific.

This opportunity is for every kid who dreams of writing and playing their own songs. And this course helps them turn those dreams into a reality. 

Songs written in this Course have gone on to win awards in the ASME competition, are on radio stations around the world, and are shaping the careers of many young artists. Writing the songs is simply the start of this very exciting journey.

Paulina’s story

Paulina wrote her very first songs ever in our Songwriting Course and through the support of Level Up Club released 4 singles. With over 35,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, features on MTV and radio stations around Australia and Germany, Paulina is a success story in the making.

Songwriting Lessons

Mentorship and Feedback

Write 10 songs in 10 weeks


Course Fee $550 AUD

Enrolments are open now and close the day before term commencement

Course start date is dependent on sufficient enrolment numbers

Online enrolment takes a few minutes to complete 


  • Bite-sized weekly lessons from founder, Francesca de Valence, focusing on different aspects of songwriting, available to watch on demand
  • Weekly exercises to develop your creative skills
  • Weekly songwriting homework challenges based around each week’s lessons
  • Work at your own pace each week. You have the whole week to submit your songs. Your mentor feedback will be delivered within 48 hours of submission.
  • Your own professional songwriting mentor assigned to your group giving you personalised feedback every step of the way
  • Join as a small course group and learn how to give your fellow peers feedback on their songs
  • Bonus invitations to our I Heart Songwriting Club exclusive member events/workshops as they happen

Completely online

Works with all timezones

No songwriting experience necessary

Kaiyah’s story

Kaiyah has joined us for 4 separate Songwriting Courses working with different songwriting mentors on developing her songwriting skills. Soon after, she joined Level Up Club to support her to release her first 4 singles, her debut album, as well as developing her audience. Watch this space as Kaiyah continues to shine.

Kaiyah Mercedes

How the Course Works

Josh’ story

Josh joined the Songwriting Course and wrote 10 songs in 10 weeks. Afterwards he joined The Club then went on to achieve great success including winning the Battle of the Bands with his own songs.

Your Teacher and Mentors

Meet Your Teacher Francesca de Valence

Francesca de Valence is an award-winning songwriter, educator and founder of I Heart Songwriting Club. With a Masters in Music and music and education undergraduate degrees, she has taught at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, spoken at conferences around the world, and facilitated songwriting workshops for APRA AMCOS (AUS/NZ), IMRO (IRE), UBC (BR) and more.

Meet Your Mentors

Our mentors are published, award-winning songwriters and internationally recognised artists who have spent decades refining their craft. They have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share and their guidance and accountability is going to help make your dreams a reality faster and more efficiently than if you were trying to do it alone.

Be supported by professional songwriters to help you write your first or next 10 songs

Here are few songs written in our online course

I am constantly blown away by Costa’s development in the I Heart Songwriting Club Songwriting Course for Kids. I was a little concerned at how he’d manage everything, however he seems more motivated now than ever.

He’s definitely got something worthy to add to his high school applications. He now sees what’s possible as result of this program and he’s approached the school Rock Club to join with the intention of introducing some of his own music. The program has been so good for him.

Craig (parent)

All of the lessons and changing themes allowed me to learn the skill of songwriting quickly and write what I felt at that time. I enjoyed being challenged to learn new skills with different instruments. 

My favourite part was receiving encouraging constructive feedback from my mentor. I tried to take that feedback and use it in my next song.

I even wrote a song for my dad during the week of Fathers Day which he loved. It was an amazing experience, I enjoyed all of it so much! I can’t wait to do it again!”

Emma (student)

The students are not only learning the skills of songwriting but the skills required to give and receive positive and constructive feedback with each other.  The mentorship with the assigned professional songwriter has been invaluable and their guidance has been encouraging whilst also challenging Sienna to continue to look at ways of improving.

Feeling confident after her first 10 songs, Sienna submitted to the ASME Songwriting Competition and received second place for one of her songs written as a part of the course. She is currently enrolled in her fourth course, with new challenges, group members and a new mentor, and continues to enjoy writing a song each week.  

In I Heart Songwriting Club, Sienna has found a place where she is embraced and encouraged to tap into her creativity on a regular basis.  To Francesca, thank you for creating a space that has been so welcoming and relevant. I encourage anyone considering I Heart Songwriting Club to take the leap, you won’t regret it for a moment.

Shane (parent)
I was suspicious and wondered how kids could learn songwriting online. I am very surprised and impressed with how much Albert has learned. He was struggling a little bit at the beginning when he was hesitant in putting his thoughts into words and was worried that his song was too naïve. By his 7th song, he became very confident in what he needed to do and was not afraid of making mistakes.

Through the songwriting course, I also notice that Albert started playing more piano by himself, rather than me pushing him to practice. Inspired by his weekly lessons, his teacher Francesca de Valence, his mentor Resin Moon and the bigger kids in the club, he also started learning ukulele independently. I Heart Songwriting Club online songwriting course makes it so easy and fun for kids to learn songwriting.

Gloria (parent)

Ready to say yes to your songwriting dreams?

The young songwriters pictured in the top banner are Grace, Costa, Elijah, George, Georgia, Brodie, Lee, Mel, Josh, Oriana, Sienna, Sofia, Scarlett, Zoe, Paulina. We have permission to use their image.