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Have you heard about our beginner courses, or are you curious about them? They are totally online in our course portal and run over a 10-week term. The course consists of songwriting lessons, exercises and songwriting, mentor feedback and peer support, and is accessible in one place. The beauty of an online course is that our students come from all over the world and can fit the program into their week when it suits their schedules.

After enrolling in our course and on the course start date, you’ll receive an email to log in to our course portal. There, you will meet a small group of other beginners and your songwriting mentor, who will be with you for 10 weeks.


Simple Songwriting Lessons with Your Songwriting Teacher

Each week, students receive access to a video lesson on demand from course teacher Francesca de Valence. In each lesson, students can expect to focus on one musical and one lyrical element and how they can explore those elements in exercise and also in song. As our courses don’t require students to play an instrument, the musical component of the course is melodically driven, and later in the course, we explore simple harmonic patterns.

Take what you learn from each songwriting lesson into fast-paced, fun songwriting exercises. You might be tasked with creating five metaphors that relate to a specific theme or melodies with long-held notes to create a sense of musical stability. Each week, the exercises are different and designed to grow your songwriting toolbox. Additionally, the exercises will get you set up with many ideas to start your song!

Many Songwriters Struggle with a Blank Page

Our courses are designed to get you writing in flow and writing fast! Use some of these ideas from the exercises to write your song each week.

The philosophy of I Heart Songwriting Club is songwriting for practice and fun first. That’s not to say we don’t want to write great songs. But writing songs regularly has been proven to be more valuable to a songwriter’s craft and growth than trying to perfect one song.

We encourage our course students to spend one hour writing their song each week to arrive at draft one. Before the end of the week, submit that song to your course mentor for feedback using our online platform.

Getting Feedback from Your Mentor

We have handpicked experienced, award-winning, and published songwriters for every single one of your songs. We give you feedback on what you’ve created to help you take it further if you choose or simply to guide you forward to your next song.

Our mentors are here to support and encourage you if you hit a block or are doubting your songs. They are songwriters, too, so they understand exactly how it feels to create songs and put them out there for others to hear.

We promise you that you won’t be alone on this journey.

“I have loved this so much! I have written songs that I never would have imagined myself writing – some of which I even like! And all of which I am proud of for the learning that I took from them. As a novice songwriter, the increased structure and support of the Beginners course was brilliant. I didn’t quite expect the depth and thoroughness of the feedback I was given by my mentor. It was incredible. I gained so much confidence by being supported to see more clearly which aspects of my songs were working, rather than sitting with my own negative judgments. I’ve really learned to be less precious!” – Mariam

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