Heart-Led Mentorship for Emerging Artists

Level up your music business and take your songs to the world

What is Level Up Club and How Can We Help You

Level Up Club is our online mentor program for emerging singer-songwriters to level up in their music business and take their songs from the bedroom to the stage, the radio and beyond. It’s led by established practicing artists and music industry professionals who have walked the path before.

If you’re a songwriter with great songs but you don’t know what the next steps are to get these songs out in the world, Level Up Club could be the opportunity you need.

Level Up Club guides artists like you to achieve their goals, get educated about the music industry, and encourages a holistic, self-nurturing and sustainable approach to their careers. 

We’ve supported artists to take clear steps to launch their artist brand, release their first singles and EPs, make their first music videos, play their first live-stream concerts, book and play their first tours, and so much more. Level Up Club will allow you to bring whatever your wildest creative dreams are to life.

Listen to what our members say about their experience and success from being part of Level Up Club:

Who Is Level Up Club For

Level Up Club members are songwriters from around the world stepping onto a new path as artists – to record, release and promote their songs and share them with the world. 

A Level Up Club member is someone who:

  • has written approximately 40 finished songs so they have a handful of great songs they can do something with. They may or may not have recorded or released music as an artist;

  • is already seeking professional development and guidance and is open to asking smart and specific questions;

  • is positive-minded, curious and clear about where they want to go, but may not know how to get there;

  • is committed to getting results for their career and is willing to do ‘the work’ themselves given the guidance.

Level Up Club members are ALL ages, races, cultures, genders, from any countries/regions, and make music of any genre. Equally, they can be in a band or a solo artist. Level Up Club is by application only.

What You’ll Get from Level Up Club


Going it alone can feel super isolating and artists can end up going around in circles, not really getting anywhere. Mentorship is a way out of that and a clear pathway to success. Each mentor has over 20 years experience as a professional and practicing songwriter and artist and is at the forefront of changing the landscape of the independent artist’s path in the music industry. The program has been curated and structured by educator and musician Francesca de Valence, with over 20 years teaching experience in music universities and secondary school music programs around the world. 

Level Up Club members work closely and consistently with their mentors over a 12 month period. These mentors will help you to: 

  • set a clear path and realistic goals for the upcoming 12 months,
  • overcome any obstacles and blocks that stop you from moving forward, 
  • stay on track and take effective action,
  • develop more confidence in your artistry and music business skills, 
  • answer any questions, encourage you to keep going, and celebrate your wins. 

Our mentors are with you every step of the way. 

Professional Development Workshops

We invite artists and industry experts to facilitate workshops for our members on all aspects of the music industry. These workshops include topics to help you learn how to: 

  • develop your artist brand, 
  • promote your upcoming release/show, 
  • communicate with your audience on social media, 
  • get your music on radio, 
  • make a music video, 
  • pitch your songs for synch, 
  • create a release strategy, 
  • create a promotional campaign for your release, 
  • build industry connections.

Plus organisational tools that help you stay balanced and ontrack in your career. We also shed light on the inner workings of the music industry so that you can navigate your career with confidence.

Network and Connections

Connect with like-minded peers from around the world to expand your professional community, and super-charge your collaboration opportunities and touring line-ups! Many Level Up Club members learn life-long networking skills that help take their career to the next level.

Isabel Rumble

“Level Up Club was integral in my debut album release strategy, helping me to establish a solid plan to work with over the course of a year. Francesca and the other amazing mentors have helped me to grow as an artist and feel confident in the direction of my career. It makes me excited to think other artists will get to experience all the great things that Level Up Club has to offer!”


“I have received so much clarity through the LUC about the flow and strategy of releasing music as an independent artist. It’s such a great source of knowledge and support, and I am consistently inspired and pushed by the mentors and my fellow members!”


After a staggering 13 nominations and wins for his debut track and music video ‘Supernatural’, Music News  has described Kwun as ‘a true trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music and inspiring a new generation of artists to follow in his footsteps’.

Meet Our Mentors and Industry Professionals

Our key mentors are:

  • Francesca de Valence (lead mentor, recording artist, songwriter, founder of I Heart Songwriting Club, educator)
  • Roz Pappalardo (touring and recording artist, songwriter, theatre-maker, grant writer, venue booker)
  • and regular mentors include Sam Buckingham, Helen Shanahan, Leanne Tennant and more.

Plus a large diverse team of special guest mentors and workshop facilitators including:

  • Resin Moon, Sing Hum Records, (artist, producer and record label)
  • Glenn Dickie, Sounds Australia (export music producer and ex-A&R for EMI)
  • Tyler McLoughlan, The Sound Pound (music supervisor, sync licensing, artist manager)

And so many more incredible industry professionals. This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business!

I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community of passionate songwriters who love to help and inspire people to become great songwriters!
I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community of passionate songwriters who love to help and inspire people to become great songwriters!
I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community of passionate songwriters who love to help and inspire people to become great songwriters!

How Level Up Club Works

Members of Level Up Club join the program for 12 months. 

As soon as you join, you will have a private mapping session with a lead mentor so you know exactly what you’ll be doing over the next 12 months and what next steps to take. You will also have access to over 50 pre-recorded workshops on a wide range of topics so you can start right away.

Each month you will meet online for four unique live sessions with your mentors. These will include a one-on-one accountability call, professional development workshops, and group mentoring sessions. All group sessions are recorded and available for playback exclusive to our Level Up Club members. 

For fast-track answers in between live sessions, ask your mentors in our private online group.

How to Join Level Up Club

Membership is via application only. If this feels like it’s right for you, apply to join by filling the form below.

After we receive this completed form, we will be in touch with you via email. We may set up an enrollment interview with you where we will discuss your creative goals, what’s getting in the way, and share how Level Up Club can help you achieve your dreams, as well as discuss the terms and fees of the program.

8 months ago, I had a super blurry vision of what I wanted to be as a songwriter and artist and had zero tools to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. I truly wanted a music career but had no idea how to actually achieve it and I was too scared to show up in the capacity that I needed to to get the ball rolling. So I remained stuck.

Level Up Club gave me the confidence, information and support to start working towards that. It provided clarity and support to take the small steps on the journey to actually have the career I want. Now I feel on purpose and know what to do and when to do it thanks to the support of Francesca and the Club.

I am about to launch my debut single ahead of my debut EP. I have a clear picture of who I am as an artist and a brand, with an authentic and growing following and even have merchandise for my fans to purchase. I’m now living my dream and taking the steps that I need each day to work towards fulfilling my biggest creative goals!

Roxley, Brisbane, Australia

I have received so much clarity through the Level Up Club about the flow and strategy of releasing music as an independent artist. It’s such a great source of knowledge and support, and I am consistently inspired and pushed by the mentors and my fellow members!

Meadowhip, Wollongong, Australia

“Before our duo The Jazzuleles joined Level Up Club I saw myself as an ordinary person with the same talent as everyone else. But in six months I’ve realised that is not true. Now, I see myself as an accomplished songwriter, musician and artist emerging into a career I’ve always wanted. 

As a band, we’re delighted with our results. We have twenty new songs, two singles released, four pending releases and an album debut in October. We launched our first music video which got over 6,000 views on Facebook which blew us away. We’re excited about the future and can testify it’s never too late to reach for your star – 100%.”

Shirley-Ann Rowley (The Jazzuleles) , Cairns, Australia

“It’s truth absolute that without the private coaching of Francesca de Valence, I would never have realised my dream to be a recorded, singer/ songwriter & performer.  Without The Club I would never have finished the songs that went on to became the majority of my one woman theatre show, and without her sage advice & persistent, gentle nudging, I could never have pushed myself to perform the show in public – let alone go on to record those songs & release my very own EP, which I darn well have!  And all in a year and a half.  

Engaging Francesca has taken me from dreamer to doer.  My heart’s deepest yearning had always been to write a music show, but it was only with her meticulous direction, vast industry experience and business savvy, and that little bit of FdV magic, that I finally made my ‘wildest creative dreams’ a reality.  With Francesca, you’re in the best of hands.  Gratitude always to her for lovingly building the entire IHSC creative experience.  Highly recommend.”

Belinda Griffin, Cairns, Australia

The biggest breakthrough I’ve had in my music business since working with Francesca is having a business routine which guarantees success. I now know how to get gigs, promote my shows and my music releases, build my network and opportunities as a musician. I am now living my dream of an independent artist and actually earning money from my music!

Angie Grace, Brisbane, Australia