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What is The Club and How Can We Help You

The Club sparked I Heart Songwriting Club’s creative community and ignited a global songwriting revolution.

Wherever you are in your songwriting journey, The Club will transform your songwriting and enhance the quality of your songs. It will help you develop your songwriting skills by writing a song each week within a vibrant community of peers. Not only will you benefit from the accountability, but you will also receive direct feedback from the other songwriters in your small group (you will be giving some too). 

This is THE essential songwriting practice that will get your creativity, your confidence, and your songwriting output flowing. You will be amazed at what practice makes possible…

Songs from The Club have gone on to change the lives and transform the careers of many songwriters around the world from ARIA nominations, to international tours, from film placements to amazing collaborations, and so much more. 

Being part of The Club is truly transformative – listen to what our members say about their experience: 

What You will Get From the Club

Quality songs only come with practice – and plenty of encouragement and constructive feedback!

In The Club, you get all this and more. When you join The Club, you will not only meet great people and forge new friendships, but you will also find the tools to become a prolific songwriter.

Write A New Song Every Week

The more you write the better you get! This is a fun, fascinating way to improve your songwriting skills. We give you a songwriting task and a suggested time limit of an hour so you have a place to start and a place to finish. And don’t worry about your songs not being ‘good enough’ – overcoming self-doubt is what it’s all about.

“I Heart Songwriting Club is my songwriting personal trainer. For an hour a week I have to train. Even if I don’t like my performance or progress, I’ve got one hour to write to an idea. I don’t have time to question it or over think it and I’ve got a community to act as an audience to keep me accountable to my brain-training.” 

Feedback On Every Song

We know that it can be challenging to open yourself up to feedback but supporting and encouraging each other is what we do best! The Club offers peer feedback from people in your group.  Upload your song to your private songwriting group and watch the feedback and conversation flow in. 

“We can sometimes be so caught up in making a song perfect that we keep it to ourselves and are too afraid to share it with others. This very special club allows songwriters to let the barriers down and let go of the fear. So many beautiful songs have grown through this club, through the feedback and help from other humble and wonderful songwriters.”

Songwriting Connections in a Supportive Global Community

Writing songs alone in your room sometimes isn’t fun, it’s creatively frustrating! Connect with like-minded writers from around the world to super-charge your songwriting ideas and make life-long creative connections.

“Being in the club reminds me why I started making music in the first place – to be in a community, sharing the joy of creating and lifting each other higher, so we can then pass on those fruits to anyone willing to listen.”

Exclusive Bonuses

We love to continue to support our songwriters long after the songs are written, by offering bonuses such as creative development workshops, social media shoutouts, interviews, showcase opportunities, and guaranteed features for any songs released that were written in the Club.

How the Club Works

Ready to say yes to your dreams?

Join The Club and let us help you more and better songs than ever before


Subscription to The Club is A$68 every 10-weeks. Each 10-week term is billed in full at the start of the term. Payments are made through our secure payment provider, Stripe, which accepts credit card and debit cards. All prices are inclusive of GST.

We recommend that you are already a songwriter before joining the Club. Our guide is that you’ve written about 15 complete songs in the past 2 years. If you haven’t written this many songs, we recommend that you start with our Beginner Songwriting Courses. There are separate courses for adults  and for kids. 

The Club is available to anyone over 15 years old. The only current limitations are that we communicate in English and have limited accessibility options for sight-impaired people. If you would like to write a song in another language other than English, that is welcomed, and we ask that you please include an English translation along with your submission.

Club groups start most Thursday mornings AEST (or Wednesdays in some parts of the world). Usually the wait time from signup to being assigned your group and first songwriting brief can be under a week or up to 2 weeks. You will be emailed when you have been assigned a group and when your 10-week term is ready to start.

The Club doesn’t essentially ‘meet’. All Club activities happen inside small groups and each of those groups operate asynchronously – meaning not at the same time. Simply put aside your preferred time each week to check in on what’s happening in your Club group and to write your song.

Yes. Feel free to bring your songwriting friends with you to The Club, just email us first so we can ensure you’re put into the same group together.

No. There is no specific time you need to meet online as everything in the club happens asynchronously and in your own time each week. Feel free to drop by and say hi to your Club group on Day 1 at some point, and whilst you’re there check out your first songwriting brief. You will have 1 week to complete your song and upload it to your group. Simply pop 1 hour aside in your calendar so you don’t forget.

Yes. Absolutely. We’re a community created by songwriters for songwriters. You own and retain 100% ownership of the copyright in your content.

If you provide feedback on a group member’s song, for example if you suggest or create a lyric, or melody, or other production idea for their song, you are agreeing that the other group member may use that suggestion or creation without restriction and that you have no copyright in the song, or any part of the song.

It can assist, but it’s not necessary.

A song at its core is melody and lyrics (and with the melody comes an implied harmony). Be prepared to write a melody and lyrics at a minimum, and sing your ideas to share them with your group. If you play piano or guitar (even just a few chords), it will assist you to discover and bring to light the harmony you want behind your melody. You don’t need to play a lot of chords. An amazing song can be written with just 2 or 3 simple chords. What’s more, many Club members have learnt to play instruments whilst songwriting as part of their weekly practice. 

So, in summary, you don’t need to be proficient or ‘good’ at anything. Simply be ready to have a go and have a few basic musical skills under your belt.


This isn’t a singing club, it’s a songwriting club (and if you’re here reading this, you probably want to improve your songwriting). You will just need to communicate your melody and lyrics using your voice in order for the listener to have an idea of the shape of the melody. If you have a long-held belief that you can’t sing, this might be the time to challenge those limiting beliefs about your singing once and for all. If you can speak, you can sing!


You’re here because you want to be a better songwriter. You’re only going to feel better about your songs by doing something about it and that’s writing a lot more songs. There are many different pathways you can take to becoming a better songwriter, I Heart Songwriting Club is one of them.


By joining I Heart Songwriting Club you are making a commitment to your songwriting practice for 10 weeks at a time. Before you complete your 10-week term, you can choose whether you continue or not in the next 10-week term. We get that life is busy. Keep in mind it’s a 1-hour exercise per week, which can make a huge difference to your songwriting output – just like exercise. What you chose to do beyond the 1-hour and beyond the club is up to you. If you’re away from your usual writing space or sick, work outside of the box and ask yourself: what CAN you do in 1-hour. Our Club members write at the beach, in hotel rooms, on tour, in airport lounges, on the plane – songwriting has no defined ‘look’.


The listening component of the club takes about 30-60 minutes per week. You don’t need to give critique when offering feedback, but you can. What to say might become clearer after getting to know the songs and writing styles of other members over a few weeks. You might like to start by commenting on the parts of the song that you like most. If you feel comfortable and it feels relevant, you could share a part of the song that doesn’t sit as well with you, in your opinion. Oftentimes your comments encourage songwriters to go back and listen to the songs and see them in a different light. Don’t be scared to be constructive and creative with your criticism, as long as it’s done with sensitivity and kindness – after all it is simply your opinion. It’s really important for us to grow as writers and that can be activated in all of us in this space.

No, simply use something basic to record your song on, like a voice memo phone app. We actually encourage this. Keep it simple. Keep the barriers low. When you have finished writing your song, simply record it on your phone and upload it to your group. Many members of I Heart Songwriting Club find recording their ideas during the songwriting process can also be helpful to remembering their ideas. Having something simple to record with can be very useful to your songwriting development.

No. I Heart Songwriting Club exists completely online.

Heck yes. Let us show you how.

I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community of passionate songwriters who love to help and inspire people to become great songwriters!

“I’ve gone from having three half songs, to having a full catalogue of songs, gigging my own music and recording a debut EP. It is the only thing I’ve found that makes me prioritise my own creative work and well-being. Literally life changing!”

Carla Thursday, Brisbane, Australia

Being able to build a songwriting practice in a safe and confidential space is a revelation. I’ve written songs since I was 7, but to prioritize in this structure has improved my quality of life immeasurably. I’m in love with my creative process and what I’m on the planet for in a way that transcends words.

Karen Jacobsen, New York City, USA
I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community of passionate songwriters who love to help and inspire people to become great songwriters!

Joining I Heart Songwriting Club has been the best decision I’ve ever made as a songwriter. Every week I’m sharpening tools I didn’t even know I had.

Simon Shapiro, Brisbane, Australia
I Heart Songwriting Club is a global community of passionate songwriters who love to help and inspire people to become great songwriters!

I Heart Songwriting Club felt like an answer to prayer. I’d been searching for a group like this, to keep me accountable, to share songwriting ideas with so I could get feedback, improve and stop spinning my wheels.

Amber Green, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Become your greatest songwriter

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