The Secret Ingredient to Songwriting Success and Confidence

Based on the content of Episode 7, The Magic of Songwriting with Francesca de Valence

There seems to be a perpetuating conflict for songwriters between seeking songwriting success and writing authentic work that makes their hearts sing. This episode clarifies the creative and career divide, elevating both to a new realm where songwriters can thrive – writing and sharing songs in a way that serves their true purpose whilst developing rigour, skill, and authenticity.

Discover how the benefits of this can have long-lasting, positive effects throughout a songwriter’s whole life. Listen to the podcast audio for the entire sound frequency experience, or read below for a quick rundown of the main podcast ideas.

You Never Started Writing Songs to Have Success

Many songwriters start writing because it feels like their true creative purpose coming to life. In the beginning, it can feel like an incredible superpower to express their soul in such a unique and meaningful way. But their family and friends think whatever they write is great (and often it is), and that spurs on the desire to seek recognition from the music industry, chasing hit songs and big breaks.

This yearning for songwriting success can lead to many struggles. From self-doubt to high levels of self-criticism and unhealthy competition. But more than anything, it creates a sense of divide, leaving many songwriters in isolation.

At this point, songwriting can feel far less enjoyable. It can even feel like it’s sucking the life out of you! But, this was not why you started writing songs. You started because it gave you life.

If you’re someone who feels attached to having success but finds you are stuck writing songs in isolation, we ask you this question: how can you have the songwriting success you desire if you’re so stuck writing songs? Where is the path to growth in that?

[If you’re not clear on why you write songs, Episode 1 of The Magic of Songwriting Podcast will ask you some questions to help you get clarity for yourself.]

Seeking Songwriting Success Can Kill the Songwriting Joy and Development

The very nature of seeking success requires a commitment to writing better songs and developing songwriting. Oftentimes the isolating success path can be the thing that stops the development of songs and the growth of the songwriter. It’s really about going from being ‘too afraid to share’ to ‘accepting constructive feedback’ in songwriting. It’s about genuine commitment to growth.

Without a commitment to development, where does the rigour come from? Where does the research, development and testing come from? How do you get feedback? How can you learn to be a better songwriter without a commitment to development?

The answer for some may lie in having a songwriting community.

Staying Connected to the Magic of Songwriting with Songwriting Success

It’s totally normal to want songwriting success. But how can you have this without killing the joy of songwriting? How can we balance writing our best work and reconnecting with our true creative purpose? How can we write to self-nurture with work that shapes our career?

Founder of I Heart Songwriting Club, Francesca de Valence, says connecting with a songwriting community was this amazing portal that opened up her ability to nurture her songwriting whilst building career outcomes. She says that as a result, having a songwriting community was where her phenomenal growth and confidence as a songwriter came from and continues to come from.

The Secret Ingredient to Songwriting Success and Confidence

In conclusion, seeking only positive feedback is limiting and creates doubt around whether your ideas are good or not. A songwriting community can assist with critical feedback, important first impressions, ideas for development, tools for development, and collaboration opportunities, all while keeping you accountable.

Being part of a transparent and authentic songwriting community where everyone shows up equally is incredibly humbling and pivotal for growth.

It helps:

  • remove attachment to ideas which are like experiencing genuine creative feedback,
  • create community and connection,
  • you become more accepting and understanding of your whole self as you develop skills and grow in more visible and transparent ways.

Not only this, when you are also part of this process for others, when you offer up feedback, tools and insights for others, you are helping affirm your knowledge.

The whole process is healing and self-nurturing. This takes songwriting development to a whole different level. No longer writing songs isolated, but getting critical feedback and guidance on your songwriting journey every step of the way.

We feel this is a self-nurturing way to approach it if you’re seeking growth and success as a songwriter. It’s a sustainable path to experiencing abundance and wellness in your songwriting and allowing you the space to grow and write the work that shapes your career.

And this brings back the magic of songwriting to your life.

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