Simple Ways That You Can Stay Open To Songwriting Magic Each Day

Based on the content of Episode 17, The Magic of Songwriting with Francesca de Valence

In this blog and podcast episode, discover how to experience songwriting magic in a real and tangible way to up-level your creative practice and your life.

What is the magic of songwriting?

Does songwriting feel magical to you? One minute there’s no song, and then only hours later, there’s a song. You’ve followed a thread of an idea and it led you somewhere you may have not imagined it could go.

What is magic anyway? Is it having supernatural powers; the ability to influence something to happen by some mysterious forces; making something impossible happen; a feeling of enchantment; or is it some sort of change in the physical world brought about through one’s will?

Magic can feel like all those things. It’s like tapping into a greater energetic power than yourself and being able to connect to that power to support everything you do and what you want to bring about in your life. It’s like having absolute energetic, universal support without an expiration date.

If you think magic is frivolous, something fun that children play with, then it’s likely you’ve not discovered that this fun and playful energy (just like spontaneity, creativity and wonderment) has substance to it and can be relied upon – and can positively transform your life.

Magic in everyday life and creating a life magical

We hear you asking, how do I stay open to magic, how do I tap into this magic? And can I do this in everyday life? Is there enough for everyone or is this just for special people?

Magic is truly special, but it’s not exclusive or limited in any way. Just like love and peace are special, but there’s no exclusivity or limitations to that. Anyone in the world can participate, everyone can access it. Just like there is unlimited love in the world and unlimited peace in the world, there is unlimited magic in the world.

Magic is so unlimited that it can happen in our everyday lives. It’s totally there for us to tap into. It awaits us to meet it. But sometimes, we forget that we can tap into it. We forget we can meet. So it’s up to us to ensure we make space for the magic to happen each day.

You’d be surprised as to just how simple it can be to make the space for magic to drop in.  Everyone can do this and it’s accessible to all.

1. The first step to accessing magic is to stay open

We often don’t pay attention to the importance of staying open in our busy lives, discounting it as not a priority. If you’re familiar with Eisenhower Matrix, this falls squarely into the ‘Important/Non-Urgent’ quadrant.

Here are some of some simple ways that can help open you up so that you can feel the magic more in your everyday life. You’ll notice a lot of nature experiences in this list. There’s tonnes of research that proves nature enhances well-being, but also being in that natural environment raises your vibration to be able to access more magic.

  • Swim in the ocean.
  • Go for a gentle walk out in nature, amongst trees, breathe in fresh air.
  • Lie on grass in the sunshine.
  • Cook a delicious meal whilst listening to some of your favourite songs.
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Gaze at the night sky.
  • Have an expansive conversation with really open people.
  • Write a song or be creative.

Doing these expansive activities or being in these expansive places can help you feel connected to that energetic power greater than yourself. Here you can feel expanded, feel tapped in, feel powerful, feel nourished, feel unlimited, feel clear, feel at peace. And who doesn’t want that?

What do these activities open up in us? 

The reason we’re doing these activities is simply for how we feel when we do these things. That’s the magical part.  That these activities change the state of how we feel and it’s how we feel that opens us up to the magical moments.

Everything we do and everything we don’t do is based on how we feel. And the quality of what we produce, create and output in life is based on how we feel. So how we feel is really important. If I can get there through simple activities, I’m going to prioritise that.

Following Intuitive Ideas and Prompts Unfolds New Opportunities

2.  The second step to accessing magic is to notice intuitive ideas and prompts and action them unconditionally.

Being spontaneous is following an intuitive prompt. If you’re someone who doesn’t feel skilled up at following intuitive ideas and prompts, feel reassured because this is something you can learn.

You can practice this when you go for a walk or drive. Take an alternative route to where you’re going. Follow your instinct to where it will take you.

Rather than thinking about all the time that you might be losing by doing this, focus on all the good-feeling energy that you’re gaining by tapping into your inner guidance and messages.

If you’re already tapped into receiving intuitive ideas and prompts, are you doing something with those insights? It’s in the action of the ideas that you unfold new opportunities, go to new places and destinations that, to an outsider looking in, can look like big magic is going on in your life.

How to unfold new creative possibilities

If we have any doubt or skepticism about trusting ourselves and inner knowing, then that magical connection with that greater energy is severed and we will exist in a physical body and mind state only – where our bodies do things, and our minds try to work out how to do things.

Deepening your connection to magic is deepening your trust and faith in the universe.

3.  The second step to accessing magic is to notice intuitive ideas and prompts and action them unconditionally.

Start with things that don’t feel important to you. Because if you can play with it in ways that are less meaningful or important to you, then you’ll be able to trust it for something that is more meaningful and important to you. Like when it comes to changing careers, or moving to a new city, or backing a decision you need to make, or investing in something for yourself. It has substance at this point. When you can use this information from yourself as knowledge, that is substantial. It’s not luck that you decided to change careers, or cities, or countries, it’s real inner knowledge that you can rely on.

It can become how you live life. Trusting in your every step, because you trust in yourself.

If you’re thinking that this blog is hardly about songwriting, thanks for noticing. Songwriting is just a vehicle for growth, expansion and transformation and we’d love to know where this magic takes you in your life.

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