How Sound Frequency and Songwriting are Potent Partners for Wellness

Based on the content of Episode 9, The Magic of Songwriting with Francesca de Valence

Songwriters talk about how life-changing it feels to write songs. What is it about songwriting that is so life-changing? We offer up some next level insight into sound frequency and journalling and how writing songs can put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your wellness.

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Can Songwriting Affect How You Feel?

Reflect back on the last time that you finished a song. How did that feel? What did you experience in your mind, body, and soul?

Here are some of the words shared by songwriters who write songs each week in I Heart Songwriting Club:

  • I feel joy
  • A sense of confidence
  • Songwriting is a gift I give to myself
  • This practice has improved my quality of life immeasurably
  • I’ve never had so much fun
  • I’m feeling great about myself
  • It’s life-changing
  • I feel more like myself than ever.

It’s fair to say that songwriters who write songs regularly feel a sense of wholeness and healing from writing. But what is it about songwriting that creates this feeling of abundance of wellness, of wholeness within ourselves?

There’s a unique quality in songwriting that is different to many other creative practices or other activities. And that unique element is sound frequency.

Sound Frequency Can Change How You Feel

Sound bypasses the part of the brain that analyzes and allows us to connect straight into our emotions and feelings, as sound and emotions are processed in the same part of the brain. Music is an arrangement of sounds comprising harmony, melody and rhythm, and music can do wonders for the mind, body and spirit.

Music is used as a tool in therapy for medical conditions, like cardiac conditions, depression, autism, substance abuse and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sound frequencies in music affect our hormones and can trigger release of feel-good chemicals that can relieve stress and even strengthen our immune system. Music has been proven to help with memory, lowering blood pressure, improving self-esteem and so much more.

Music is linked to being well. And creating music can allow you to create incredible opportunities for wellness and inner harmony.

Journaling Can Assist Our Well-being

Add in the element of lyric writing to take this experience even further. Not only is the sound frequency of the music affecting change within us, we might also be leaning into the well-documented method of journaling through the creation of lyrics. Expressing how we feel using language and concepts in any given moment. There is bountiful evidence of the benefits of journaling on our well-being.

Songwriting is linked to being well. And as a songwriter you can be in the driving seat of feeling good. Empowering your way to wellness and wholeness through writing songs.

How Songwriting Can Contribute to A Feeling of Wholeness

Founder of I Heart Songwriting Club and prolific songwriter, Francesca de Valence says: “I believe as songwriters we have the capacity to create a sound frequency that matches who we truly are in any given moment that we create. The sound of our soul. The expression of our soul. Resonating with the frequency of our soul through our songs.”

She goes on “I also believe songwriting is a source of energy that gives us access to so much more.”

Francesca’s weekly songwriting practice of over 7 and a half years has taken her from being a songwriter struggling to write 4 songs a year, to writing a song a week and consistently feeling in flow, experiencing a sense of wholeness consistently.

“This weekly practice of creating music and lyrics [or sound frequency and journaling] builds my energy up so that I can hold more energy within myself to do more and be more and feel way more expanded. Songwriting is a tool that I use for connection and alignment.

“I always make the decision to write songs, even if I don’t feel like it because I know I’m going to feel amazing when I’ve finished a song. I’m going to feel alive and amazing and like I’ve expressed my soul. And that feeling contributes hugely to my life – it helps keep my life and energy on track and open to more. And I never want to be without it. Songwriting keeps me fuelled up and balanced and totally connected with who I truly am.”

Whatever Drew You To Songwriting is the Very Reason To Keep Going

You may have started writing songs or re-engaged with writing songs because you realised there was something missing in your life, that you weren’t living your potential and fullness, and so you made space for it.

That feeling of lacking something in your life may initially have been beneficial to get back to writing – to show you and maybe remind you how great songwriting feels and how whole and well you feel when you write.

But as with life, there are ups and downs and we can be distracted and pulled off track. When we are pulled off track, it’s so easy to stop doing the things that have kept us balanced, believing that we don’t have time to do those things. We can forget how important those things were to helping us stay well and balanced in the first place; how those activities were the reason we felt so great.

When things get hard, you might feel like you don’t have the time and headspace to write songs, however, it’s a priority to do the things that keep you balanced, well and on track.

So when you’re feeling low on energy or off-balance or not feeling like yourself, choose something that you know helps you feel better, something for your highest good. And sometimes that is going to require energy up-front but it is going to get you aligned and in flow and in balance.

The creation of sound frequency, plus the creation of words based on your expression in any given moment, is going to change the state of how you feel. And you created that feeling within you. That’s so empowering. You are in control of that feeling. This is why songwriting is life changing.

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