Exclusive Premiere: The Madistones Big Time (2017)

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Francesca de Valence

1 June 2017

Songwriting Tips to Getting Started

Firstly, give yourself a kick-up-the-butt with this pumping four-on-the-floor debut single by new Brisbane line-up The Madistones. Above all, a song about getting your shit together, Big Time is a call to action from the get-go: “Wake up baby, time to stop sleeping”.

The Madistones is the bold new rock and blues project of Sarah Collyer and a slew of musical fire-starters. In addition, Shane Calderbank (keys), Sharne Andrews (guitar), Sonic Edwards (bass) and Glen Baker/Paul Bain (drums) round out the lineup. As a result, a departure from her usual smouldering jazz vocals, Collyer is fiery, feisty and fabulous in this outfit.

On the songwriting process, Big Time was written as part of I Heart Songwriting Club – an online group of songwriters that use one hour each week to write to a brief. As a result, members share their songs with the other club members for constructive feedback and encouragement. ‘Big’ was the theme for the songwriting task and ‘big’ was also the music cue – make it big!

Collyer says, “I wrote Big Time with just my voice and a bass line in just one hour as per I Heart Songwriting Club’s guideline. I simply recorded it on my phone and the band fleshed out the rest from this simple demo. The I Heart Songwriting Club process and community has been a huge help to my songwriting, giving me a strong focus for writing and building my songwriting muscles in the strict time allocation.”

Big Time was recorded by Landings’ Liam Quinn and mixed by Aria award-winning producer Magoo (Midnight Oil, Regurgitator).

In conclusion, get some of this goodness into you!

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