Exclusive Premiere: Nuria I’ll Just Play (2020)

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Hannah Ana

3 April 2020

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Nuria’s newest single “I’ll Just Play” takes a look at the current COVID-19 crisis from the perspective of a four year old, capturing the essence of youthfulness and playfulness that, as adults, we can learn a lot from.

At first glance, this dreamy indie-pop tune seems simple in nature, recorded in Nuria’s at-home caravan studio. Look below the surface however, and you’ll find a meaningful narrative that both tugs at your heartstrings and brings a spring to your step.

As Nuria so effortlessly captures with her angelic melodies and poignant lyrics, children are insightful and intuitive. They see and feel things, and yet show us a refreshing perspective. In essence, when feeling lost in a sea of confusion, there is only one logical thing to do… surrender fear and play instead!

Nuria says, “I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to people and send a message that can offer a lighter perspective from the fear that is around us. This is a confusing time for children particularly, and I want to show them they are not alone in this feeling. My goal here is not product perfection. It is about connection to others”.

And connection Nuria certainly brings with this beautiful, playful indie-pop treasure.

“I’ll Just Play” is available on all digital streaming platforms from April 3, 2020.

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