Exclusive Premiere: Colleen O’Connell Burnt (2017)

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29 September 2017

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The opening moments of Colleen O’Connell’s Burnt set the scene for a beautifully crafted journey, punctuated by honest and poignant lyrics. In addition, the captivating simplicity of the opening lyric against a sparse piano accompaniment provides all the opportunity for the song to grow and build, one that O’Connell and her production team did not let slip by.

Therefore, the build is gradual, cleverly layering instruments and sounds that at no time feel misplaced. Above all, the subtle bass drum early on, set far back in the mix,  swells, and the backing vocals’ perfect entry, the focus always remains on O’Connell’s voice.

In addition, her vocal delivery is charming. Her beautiful tone combined with the moments her Australian accent creeps in makes the delivery seem at once polished, sensitive and natural.

As a result, the production by Michael Carpenter is standout and O’Connell provides many memorable melodic moments in her unique singer-songwriter, folk-influenced style.

Of the songwriting process, O’Connell says, “I wrote Burnt as part of I Heart Songwriting Club. After I became a mother the impetus to create became stronger than ever. For over 1 year I have been writing a song a week with I Heart Songwriting Club and though in some ways time poor I am, I feel more creatively connected than ever. I am surrounded by amazing and supportive creative folk. We help each other to achieve our creative goals. It is a wonderful thing to be known and to know in this way. It is definitely a choice. And so here I am after just over a year of slow burn recording, writing and dreaming. Burnt is not only about hurt and loss. It is also about rising above and writing a new story from the resources within”.

In conclusion, Burnt is the first offering from O’Connell’s forthcoming 10-track album due for a late 2017 release and is available from Bandcamp from Sept 29.

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