Exclusive Premiere: Laura Mulcahy The Start (2017)

Sarah Collyer

14 August 2017

Songwriting Tips to Getting Started

“The Start” is the energetic and inspired debut EP from Brisbane singer-songwriter, Laura Mulcahy. It features five songs that journey through blues-inspired-sass to gospel-inspired-soul via moments of Mulcahy’s intimate thoughts. Above all, her sound is at once fresh, whilst transporting the listener back in time. In addition, tight horn arrangements and a grooving rhythm section hark back to 60s and 70s Soul tunes.

Above all, Mulcahy’s voice is soulful yet sweet, complemented by backing vocals that just sit in all the right places. Therefore, Laura’s lyrics are honest and succinct. In addition, sometimes poignant and beautiful, other times just playful and fun.

The opening track “Secrets” is a cool blues groove, complete with a tasty bass solo. In addition, second track, “More”, just makes you want to dance. It’s a classic, fun, old school soul track with an awesome horn arrangement and a sweet little organ interlude.

“Sitting here” is a beautiful downtempo soulful track with open, poignant lyrics nestled in a beautifully sparse arrangement. “Stay” is a fun, funky, soul-fueled venture with a cool, playful horn arrangement.

The title track of the EP, written during Mulcahy’s time in I Heart Songwriting Club, is a stripped-back, piano and voice ballad with beautiful, introspective lyrics. She says of her songwriting experience in I Heart Songwriting Club, “We were given the theme ‘Perspective’, which came at a time when I found myself in a really uncertain period with no idea of the answer to the question ’what happens next?’ “The Start” came from this and the hope that a change in perspective can be a new beginning. It’s become a really special song to me that I felt I had to include on this EP. The song encapsulates a whole lot of what making this record has meant to me – this is my start.”

In conclusion, “The Start” EP is a well-rounded debut offering – it’s fresh, cool, fun and beautiful.

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