Exclusive Premiere: Means Of Release The Gallery (2018)

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Tracey Hammell

22 July 2018

Songwriting Tips to Getting Started

Firstly, Means of Release is Brisbane singer-songwriter, Peter Turk. His debut single, The Gallery, was written as part of I Heart Songwriting Club with the Theme “painting”.

The Gallery begins with an interweaving acoustic guitar. In addition, mandolin, piano and strings set the feel as the song leads into the opening verse. After this, a series of well-shaped, musically interesting sections appear.

Lyrically the song explores the power of small, sustained efforts toward personal growth. This progresses as a simile to how an artist might create a painting.

In addition, harmonies with call and response backing vocals drive the song into a full rhythm section. In conclusion, the song intensifies to its finale.

Turk cites Sufjan Stevens, Sam Beam, John Frusciante, Conor Oberst, and Bill Callahan. Above all, aspects of those styles are recognisable as inspirations, however, the artist delivers a unique sound.

In conclusion, this is a compelling and listenable piece of songwriting. In addition, there is a catchy melody and an encouraging message! What more could you want?

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