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Francesca de Valence, Founder

January 2022

Do you remember the feeling you got when you wrote your first song?

For me, it was a feeling of flight, of freedom. With that freedom came a lot more songs. Songs that I loved, as did my family and friends. Somewhere along the line, I wanted more for my songs. I envisioned singing them on stadium stages on tour promoting my latest album or even getting cut by my favourite artists.

I decided to get serious about having a songwriting career and pinned everything on this. My songs were my ticket to living my wildest creative dreams. And I worked hard to achieve this. But with that came a stifling resistance and mindset that I had to get this right.

That’s when things started to go wrong.

I was getting really blocked around writing

I struggled to start and finish songs and experienced crippling self-judgment. The success that I wanted wasn’t coming, and I feared writing. As a result, it was a spiral that took me down a rabbit hole of mental health issues and loss of confidence.

All I craved was being able to write again. I wanted that same freedom that I had experienced when I first started writing. That pure energy where I could create with a sense of play and fun. A boundless, joyous feeling. From here, I took steps forward to discover the elemental magic of songwriting. I was going to become the songwriter I had never even imagined I could be. 

Why I set the goal of creating the best songwriting podcast around

Seven and a half years of experiencing this magic passed. I spent that time walking alongside thousands of other songwriters from all over the world. I found many people stuck where I once was. A place where they are struggling to write songs.

They seem to be caught up in the friction, challenges, isolation and doubt about their creative ideas. Therefore, haven’t found a way past this that allows them to shine as creatives. Even less so, experience the abundance of joy from consistency creating. I found it comes down to the fact that songwriters seem to have limiting beliefs about themselves and what songwriting can do for their lives. They wear their struggle as a badge of honour, keeping them from evolving.

So through this podcast, my aim is to offer an elevated perspective of the songwriting journey. Insights from others who have walked this path with me and practical songwriting tips to getting started, and keep going. Ultimately, I hope to shift these limiting beliefs so that we can become the unlimited magical beings that I know we all are as songwriters.

What you can expect from Season One of ‘The Magic of Songwriting’ Podcast

‘The Magic of Songwriting’ is all about helping you reconnect with and experience the transformation, joy and magic of songwriting so that you can become the songwriter you’ve always dreamed of being.

In Season One, we take you on a journey to reignite your relationship with songwriting through eight episodes. Four solo episodes and four Club Conversations. If you struggle with writing songs, getting started, or finishing songs, this season will help you lay healthy and solid creative foundations.

In addition, you will have access to practical songwriting tools that are easy to use, guidance on how to move forward to achieve the career goals you desire and ways to make songwriting fun again.

My solo episodes (approx 15-20 mins)

These will be like having your own songwriting mentor and coach. I’ll be perched on your shoulder guiding you past your creative blocks to a space of freedom both at a practical and structural level. This will happen through songwriting tips and at an elemental and etheric level through uncovering this magic. I also share a few of my personal songwriting stories and how I came to start I Heart Songwriting Club

Club Conversations (approx 60-90 mins)

These will explore the unique and inspiring stories of I Heart Songwriting Club members who have used these songwriting tools to take their songwriting to the next level. Expect intimate insights with hit songwriters, music teachers, and artists at the front of the changing face of the music industry.

My hope is by the end of Season One; you will have a clear foundation to creating a meaningful songwriting practice. You will have followed our simple steps to reigniting your writing, feel more resilient and be inspired to keep writing. More than anything, I hope that this will bring some of that magical creative spark and energy back into your world.

In conclusion, ‘The Magic of Songwriting Podcast’ with I Heart Songwriting Club will be available on all podcast platforms on February 3, 2022. It will launch with two episodes, including a conversation with the Australian voice of Siri, Karen Jacobsen.

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