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How to become a professional songwriter

Want more for your songs?

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From the moment you started writing songs you knew there was so much more possibility for yourself as a songwriter. As you’ve continued to write and play your songs, that dream has continued to grow and is now fully envisioned – the dream to record your songs, grow your audience, and be recognised by the music industry. And you’re not alone in that thinking, your family and friends agree there is so much potential!

You know that you want to live this dream, but you’re just not sure how to get there. It can feel daunting and overwhelming with questions and doubts that hold you back from really getting going. Questions like, where do I start, how do I get my songs ‘out there’, are my songs even good enough to take to the next level?

You may hear about artists and songwriters who appear to have ‘made it’ overnight, but know that this ‘overnight success’ has required years upon years of writing songs, honing their skills and building a community. It isn’t about doing a bit of work here and there when they get the inspiration to, or it’s convenient to, or they feel frustrated enough to take action. It’s about showing up consistently, week in, week out.

Becoming an established songwriter and artist is never an overnight success

Get on the path to writing your best songs yet

Here are some simple next steps for you:

Before you know it you’ll have 52 songs written by the end of the year. And from this list, you will absolutely have 10 amazing songs to take to the recording studio for an album.

I’m in my second term in the club and I’m reaping the rewards big time! It is helping me focus and keep up a level of commitment to my writing that I have never achieved before. I think I’ve written more songs in the past six months than I have in the past six years!

Tara Henton , UK

I have always had a dream of being a singer-songwriter, to write songs that I feel connected to (and that others can connect to) and getting up and playing them in intimate settings to people who enjoy them. I’ve had major confidence issues with my ability to song write. Looking over my time in IHSC I have written about 19 songs!! I’m blown away. And I really like some of them! I am currently recording a couple in the studio to pop gently out into the world, just because I like them and I want to have done this in my life.

Emily Wenham, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Carving out time every week to work on a new song really pushed me to improve; I was inspired to write songs I never imagined I would write and my process got better and faster over the 10 weeks. Part of the fun was sharing, getting feedback for improvement, and all the encouragement from the other members of the group. I’m so happy that I joined and now I have several great new songs to add to my catalogue!! Thank you for this opportunity to connect with others from around the world and to keep working on my songwriting skills.

Lisa Chaly , Hawaii, USA

“I was continually inspired and excited to be creating with a great group of people who always shared great feedback and enthusiasm. The weekly deadlines and challenges really helped me to get into a songwriting rhythm and habit, something which I usually struggle with. I’ll definitely be back for another 10 week challenge and I’m excited to do further work on the songs I’ve created here – they are some keepers for sure. At least one of these will appear on my upcoming album.”

Amanda Easton, Sydney, Australia

How The Club can help you

If you know that these simple steps will really make a huge difference to how you will feel about your songwriting and the ability to back yourself to follow through on your dream, then let us enrich that picture a little more. 

What if you could also be surrounded by a group of songwriters who give you feedback on every song you write, be building your songwriting community, building your songwriting skills, and even having further opportunities to up-level your skills with mentoring, workshops and so much more to help you take those next career steps? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

In The Club, we offer you the guidance to write songs every week with simply 1-2 hours of your time each week. We help you build your songwriting community by giving you access to a group of like-minded peers who will listen to and give you helpful feedback on your new songs every single week and help you stay accountable to writing each week.

And when you do that, you’re going to feel much more assured knowing that you have strong, tried and tested songs that really connect with others. You’re going to feel ready to select your favourite 5-10 songs to take into the studio, and you’ll know that you’ll have genuinely taken steps every week to build the resilience that you need to embolden your chances for career success. This is just some of the amazing support we offer which you can find out more about here.

Take your songwriting to the next level

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