Leanne wrote to us to thank us for the experience of her first 10 week term in The Club. In that email she also shared with us that 2 of 10 songs she wrote would become singles for her upcoming album. She says: 

“I struggled to finish songs quickly and wanted the challenge and deadlines to write new material. I felt I Heart Songwriting Club would force me into being more productive and not deliberating over sketches of songs for too long. I loved the challenges each week and felt extremely proud of myself each time I managed to upload a new song.

It was a new experience for me to let go of a song when it may not be entirely finished, however this process has resulted in me coming away with a bunch of new songs. Two of those songs in particular I have recorded toward my new album and will potentially be released as singles this year!”

Again, this is a reminder that not every song you write will be used. Aim for 1 or even 2 of every 10 songs to be ones that will live on and the other 8 or 9 as necessary practice.