“Bring It All Back” was released as a single ahead of her “Happiness Is” album. It was a significant song in LT’s career, ending up on radio stations around the world, including esteemed BBC radio and KCRW, and was even placed on British Airways in-flight entertainment. Read some of the international reviews this track received:

“Bring It All back is a display of astute, mature pop music, delivered with grace and emotion.” – CLASH MAGAZINE, London

“Listening to Bring It All Back, is a testament to how piercingly clear Tennant’s songwriting intent is.  The vocals flow forth from the mix with all the clarity and warmth of a sunbeam after a rainstorm.” – ATWOOD MAGAZINE, USA

“The track has that energy of simmering anger mixed with the sweet sound of forgiveness and that’s not an easy blend to pull off in a song.” – LISTEN WITH MONGER, London

“The simple guitar picking at the start draws you straight in. The atmosphere Tennant has created through the song – with the stomping rhythm and the layers of voices – brings out such an ominous mood.” – RICHARD KINGSMILL – TRIPLE J