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Virtually Ryan has released his debut album ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’, for which all 13 tracks were written in I Heart Songwriting Club! Ryan also happens to be a graduate of Level Up Club.

This album has been a labour of love for Ryan, spread over several years. All the songs have their beginnings in the weekly songwriting process, prompted by the themes of I Heart Songwriting Club.

After writing some eighty-plus songs in the club, Ryan selected a handful of tracks to polish for an album. As a member of Level Up Club, Ryan felt like he had support and advice about the business side of music while also keeping him accountable for setting goals.

Listen to Virtually Ryan’s record ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ here.

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Ryan had this to say about making the record:

“I enlisted the help of some trusted musical friends to whittle down the shortlist and gauge which songs might work well together. As a result, many of the released tracks contain many of the original elements recorded in my initial songwriting sessions. I liken my refinement process to that of ironing, where I smooth over any obvious creases, fixing those elements that stand out too much while being conscious to avoid polishing everything so far that the actual texture is lost.

It was beneficial to look back at the comments made by members of the Club on each original song submission. I ended up incorporating several good suggestions in this album.

I approached Minhy, a friend who’s also in the Club, to contribute to the song “First Light.” The track needed a new vocal texture, and Minhy was kind enough to oblige. First, we discussed what I had in mind, and then Minhy worked some magic to record her vocal elements. I enjoyed the collaboration process and intend to do more of it. Minhy and I will collaborate on a new song in the Club this term! 

Check out Minhy’s amazing video for ‘Dead of the Night’ here.

There’s a definite power in setting goals and deadlines, and in keeping yourself accountable. For example, it was only once I decided on exactly when and why I wanted to release this album that I found myself regularly and systematically taking the steps needed to finalise it.”

We invite you to connect with Virtually Ryan, enjoy his new record, and continue to be inspired as he continues to discover new musical territory on his songwriting journey. If you are interested in joining Level Up Club for yourself, click here.

Listen to the Album here

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“I was a member of Level Up Club along with I Heart Songwriting Club. I liked the way it meant I had some support and advice about the business side of music while keeping me accountable with setting goals.”

Virtually Ryan

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