Belinda Griffin LS

Belinda Griffin

This month we shine the spotlight on Belinda Griffin who has been a Club member since August 2019 and is also a Level Up Club member. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Belinda has a love of music and considers life’s deeper meanings in her songwriting. This was the basis of her campfire music show, ‘Elucidation’, which saw a run of sold-out shows!

After calling Cairns home for 30+ years, Belinda’s life experiences and career in the arts and communications world informed her later-in-life career change to music making.


A hobby of gigging with friends over the years led to a growing interest in songwriting, so formalising that with dedicated study, she proceeded to hone her writing craft with I Heart Songwriting Club, from where the majority of her show songs were created.

Her new ‘Elucidation’ EP was released on July 8, 2022, and seven of the nine tracks of this album were written in I Heart Songwriting Club.

“My show features many songs that I wrote in the club. The weekly club helped me practice my songwriting, practice being seen and vulnerable and gave me songs to actually use!”

The show is a high-vibe, new age music performance, told campfire style with mantras, prayers and affirmations for all to sing along to. Belinda created it in response to the modern world, and it follows the “heroes’ journey,” wrapped around a long-forgotten tale of King Arthur’s legend. A tale with profound resonance for our modern times.

Belinda Griffin is a Level Up Club success!

Belinda is also part of our professional development mentorship program, Level Up Club which she had this to say about:

“The mentorship support I’ve received has been incredible. It’s taken me from being a dreamer to a doer. I feel like I’m learning how to ground my creativity and bring my dreams to life. I’ve always wanted to do this, and now it’s actually happening.”

Belinda Griffin’s brilliant ‘Elucidation’ EP can be heard below. Follow her on socials, and if you would also like to write prolifically to create a show or EP of your own, join our Club here.

Listen to the Album here


“Sometimes the inspiration instantly appears when we read the weekly theme, and that’s how it was when I saw the word was “T-Shirt.” I immediately saw my T-Shirt wearing, teenage self, riding full pelt down a hill, hair flying – and the lyric “bike chain grease on my leg” burst forth in my mind, so beginning the song which eventually became ‘Shine’.”

Belinda Griffin

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