Alysia Kraft

This month’s Member Spotlight shines brightly on Alysia Kraft, who recently released her debut album ‘First Light.’ We have been huge fans of Alysia’s for a while now since we first experienced her amazing talent when she joined the Club in 2020.

Showcasing skilful lyrical relatability and vibrant soundscapes, Kraft explores life’s most brilliant and mundane moments in ‘First Light’. The record paints the picture of her life so far with dreamy indie-pop instrumentation and shares everything from finding love to almost losing life and the wondrous occasions in between. 7 of those gems from her time in the Club.

Alysia Kraft

‘First Light’ came about during quarantine in 2020, with Kraft pondering and romanticising reflective moments and flickering through life’s highlights with candid ease. “I wrote from the big moments of my life,” she explains. “The first time I kissed a girl, I felt like my body could not contain the magic, life, and electricity within me. The first time I celebrated a full year sober, I realised I was free to be a new person if I wanted to be. The wild, uninhibited joy of my first tours, intoxicated by travel and connection and possibility and dizzied by the distance from my family.”

Based in Colorado, USA, Kraft has amassed a devoted regional following

Known for projects Whippoorwill and The Patti Fiasco, and as a celebrated songwriter and incomparably magnetic frontwoman, Kraft has sold out most of Colorado’s big stages. She has directly supported icons Bon Jovi, Blondie, Nathanial Rateliff and Bonnie Raitt as well! Embracing the complexities of growing up queer on a cattle ranch in small-town Wyoming and choosing to love within a landscape that didn’t always love back, ‘First Light’ is a triumphant homecoming and a defining solo debut.

This record is open-hearted and thoughtfully hook-adorned with soundscapes as dimensional as Kraft’s western upbringing and the liberated narratives contained therein. We strongly recommend you enjoy exploring it as you introduce yourself to Alysia Kraft’s magic.

Alysia Kraft’s life is on display in ‘First Light’ below. Follow her on socials and if you would also like to translate your stories into songs, join our Club here.

Listen to the Album here


“I oversaw a presentation of Francesca’s I Heart Songwriting Club as part of my job as Artist Development Coordinator at the Music District but ultimately found myself drawn magnetically to the club in my capacity as an artist. It’s rare to see a program that honours the self-love, intuition, and creative flow so necessary for sustainable creative careers and aligns those parts of the process with community and accountability that keep writers doing their part of the work.”

Alysia Kraft

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